Call for Papers - COVID19

The COVID-19 pandemic is having many life-altering short- and likely long-term effects.

There are many potential applications of psychological theory, practice, and research that can contribute to the public good at this time of national and international crisis.

Foundation University Journal of Psychology (FUJP) invites papers related directly to the pandemic.

Authors will be expected to revise manuscripts promptly. Accepted articles will be posted online within a short time frame and prioritized for publication.

Manuscripts will be considered as they are received independently, not for a special issue. Authors should follow the APA   manuscript submission guidelines and submit to the manuscript submission portal, selecting as article type "COVID-19". We ask that you indicate prominently in your cover letter that your manuscript is related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please however feel free to contact us at  should you wish to run an idea past us. Please note: in line with the aims and objectives of the journal all papers should explicitly take an international perspective.